Transportation barriers are the primary reason for NO-SHOWS / missing medical appointments. Every year 600.000 new older adults drive less frequently or do not drive at all, experiencing different transportation barriers to healthcare accessibility.

Transportation is a vital factor when it comes to accessing healthcare, particularly for people requiring special medical care because of chronic illnesses or serious physical injuries. Although it seems like it is not a medical problem, the lack of access to transportation – whether through personal or public vehicles – can reduce a person’s chances of getting the care they need, and at times even discouraging them from seeking care. Transportation barriers to healthcare accessibility like the lack of reliable public transportation to visit a doctor can adversely impact a person’s life and the road to recovery. Inaccessibility to vehicles is also directly related to the inability to regularly access medical services, whether routine checkups or emergency visits.

A study of caregivers based in Houston showed that around 82% of people who could reach their medical appointments had transportation access. To overcome the health implications posed by transportation barriers, it is crucial to count an affordable and efficient solution for chronically ill, disabled, and injured people who need to travel to their doctor’s office, hospital, or rehabilitation center.

Texas Mobile MD provides cost-effective assisted transportation services to those who don’t have a life-threatening emergency but need assistance in getting to either a medical appointment or any other personal errand. Our wheelchair-equipped Vans and ambulatory units with unique features help people with special medical needs. This service is helpful for those who are injured, recovering from accidents, chronically ill, or unable to drive themselves or travel alone. It is beneficial for people with disabilities who do not have any means of transportation or live by themselves.

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